3DMark, the Game

Tuesday 29th January 2008, 03:03:00 PM, written by Richard Connery

Futuremark, through its YouGamers publication, have announced that they have setup a games studio to develop, no prizes for guessing it, games. Nick Evanson, you remember him, swears he doesn't know anything more than what Futuremark posted in the press release but we'll get in touch with our old pal and see just how much that is true. We suspect pliers will be involved.

The aforementioned press release is predictably vague though it does mention "Futuremark Games Studio personnel will also be attending GDC 2008 in San Francisco where they can be found at the Nordic Games Studios Pavilion."

The other bit of information is that the games being developed will "deliver stellar performance even on modest platforms right up to the most enthusiastic levels of performance hardware."

It is interesting to see this new development, although Nick had already popped the question of doing more with games in 3D Mark back when he interviewed Futuremark. Small world!


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