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About Beyond3D

Beyond3D is the web's premier 3D graphics resource, be you an enthusiast, developer, hardware architect or otherwise. All we ask is you enjoy the business of pixels; nothing more, nothing less. We've got a fresh front page with all the latest news; a thriving community full of the world's foremost 3D fans, creators, shapers and visionaries; and a set of 3D resources to let you get the most out of that which we ballyhoo. In short, if you love 3D and related fields, you're very much in the right place.

So what does Beyond3D cover with its own content? We have articles, reviews and interviews, and our 3D Resources. That's just for starters, too, since we'll be expanding our content remit in big ways in the coming months.

Beyond3D Staff

Beyond3D has a highly dedicated staff, devoted to maintaining our world-leading position via comprehensive content, coverage, features and services.

Rys Sommefeldt - Editor-in-Chief

[email: rys @ beyond3d . com | forums: Rys]


As Beyond3D's returning Editor-in-Chief, I'm responsible for the content, forums and how the ship is steered. I combine significant experience in technical writing with a great passion for pixels and everything that surrounds it, be it hardware analysis, graphics programming, industry movements and the greater community, and more.

When I'm not spending time abusing GPUs for a living as engineering manager for PowerVR Graphics Business Development, where I run the competitive analysis and graphics demo teams, you'll find me hacking around on toy software (mostly Rust!) or playing video games (mostly PS4!).

Alex Voicu - Architecture Analyst

[email: alex @ beyond3d . com | forums: AlexV]


Being Beyond3D's chief architecture analyst is a bit like being Spiderman: with great power comes great responsibility! But then you figure out that the position itself doesn't endow one with superpowers, and that radioactive spiders have long gone out of fashion. Given that some cruel god somewhere thought it amusing to weave an intricate pattern that culminated with me ending up in this much coveted position, it falls unto me to ensure that the glorious legacy that has built-up throughout the years doesn't wax and wane.

Since there are moments when torturing GPUs with evil code written in great anger is simply not possible, you may find me over at the bowling alley, experiencing yet another catastrophic defeat, trekking somewhere on a mountain, driving around with one of my friends or, as someone quite dear to me likes to say, playing with matrices.

William Stumpf - Graphics Analyst

[email: william @ beyond3d . com | forums: willardjuice]


Ah yes, I can still remember the days of playing Team Fortress Classic on my parents computer. It's funny how the simplest things can alter one's life so much. Playing Team Fortress made me want a computer in my own room (who wants to use their parents' computer?). Since I did not have much money at the time (damn child labor laws!), I had to acquire a computer for cheap. I quickly found out, through the internet of course, that building your own computer was the cheapest route. This required much research though! I spent countless hours on hardware websites and forums (including Beyond3D). This research led to me getting interested in computer science and programming. Computer science got me involved in developing software on cutting edge hardware. And now here I am, researching how to solve various problems utilizing CUDA (sorry OpenCL fans!). In an effort to give back to the community that has given me so much, I will be sharing my thoughts, experiences, and troubles during my journey through the "compute" side of GPUs (note, this does not include PhysX).

By the way, I still have Team Fortress Classic installed on Steam...

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