No X07 European event for Microsoft this year

Thursday 19th July 2007, 08:08:00 AM, written by Farid

Speaking on the SquadXP podcast, Microsoft’s Xbox 360 and Xbox Live group product manager, Aaron Greenberg confirmed that there will not be any real X07 event held in Europe this year. This news does not come off as a surprise since Microsoft hasn't made any announcement with regards of the X07 event so far, which should have been held in late September. The X0x events are Microsoft’s exclusive European expositions where new games and marketing announcements are made.

The lack of X07 does not mean there will be a lack of information from Microsoft for the end of 2007. The Games Convention in Leipzig, in late October this year, will be the place where the European related gaming news from Microsoft will be found. Glimpses of the 2008 line-up, including developer Rare’s projects, will be part of the program.

Leipzig will also be the perfect place to announce a price drop, for both Microsoft and Sony Computer Entertainment. Sony is also expected to have a few announcements to unfold at the event, so it seems clear the Games Convention is set to be particularly interesting this year.
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