Wednesday 10th September 2008, 06:40:00 PM, written by Rys

Real World Technologies have taken an in-depth look at NVIDIA's GT200 processor, to get to the bottom of how it does the job of pushing everything but pixels.

Dave's analysis is typically thorough, and it paints a nice mental picture of data flow, explaining how it goes about the business of being a throughput-oriented chip.  There's serious consideration of the general compute aspects and the hardware threading model and execution characteristics, and how it fits in to NVIDIA's CUDA vision as a whole.

He comes to much the same overall conclusions as I did about NVIDIA's GPGPU motivations with GT200, which, as Wavey would tell us all, was nice.

So if you've got your thinking hat on and you're keen to know a bit more about certain aspects of the GPU than you might otherwise find elsewhere (here included), then give it a click or ten.


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