NVIDIA release OpenCL GPU drivers for Linux and Windows

Monday 28th September 2009, 09:38:00 PM, written by Rys

NVIDIA have released certified OpenCL drivers for Windows and Linux, after passing conformance tests at Khronos in June.  The Windows version is available for XP, Vista and 7, both 32- and 64-bit in all cases, and is tagged 190.89 for driver version number spotters.

The Linux one is 190.29 and is available for 32- and 64-bit just like the Windows version.  Both OSes get support for the visual profiler, and any CUDA-capable GPU is an OpenCL compatible one, from G80 all the way up, and including Tesla T10-powered hardware in the compute space too.

You can get everything you need to get started on NVIDIA's OpenCL download page, and their OpenCL pages in general are a reasonable jump off point for OpenCL in general, taking you to Khronos, samples and what have you with just a couple of clicks.

And thus starts my tools dev for our OpenCL testing suite.
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