ExtremeTech podcast with AMD CTO Phil Hester

Tuesday 28th August 2007, 09:09:00 AM, written by Rys

ExtremeTech have scored a podcast interview with AMD CTO Phil Hester. Phil talks about Fusion integration, Barcelona, power and thermals, custom logic and more, in a 30 minute chunk of the cast.

The ExtremeTech editors, including Jason Cross, Loyd Case, Joel Durham and Robert Heron, get together every Monday to discuss what's just happened in the world of tech for the week just gone, and they also preview what's coming up on ExtremeTech.com in the coming week.

The goodies with Phil start at 14m50s in to the cast.

Thanks to forum reader BrynS for the tip. You can find the podcast linked directly in Bryn's original post.

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