AMD Bulldozer microarchitecture analysis

Wednesday 01st September 2010, 04:29:00 PM, written by Rys

The x86 microprocessor world is on the verge of hotting up significantly, as both big vendors gear up to launch new products.  With AMD's approach to x86 evolution being infinitely more interesting than Intel's, we're glad of any deep analysis into the inner workings of their next generation microarchitecture, codenamed Bulldozer.

Bulldozer represents the most significant change in execution of x86 instructions since P6 went out-of-order, so Real World Technologies' insightful analysis and technical commentary is required reading for those looking to more fully understand how it's going to go about the business of running the second most common ops on the planet.

RWT's David Kanter uses a unique combination of access to AMD engineers, technical data and patent analysis to come up with the goods, taking a long, hard look at how everything fits together to create a high-frequency, quad-issue superscalar out-of-order core, and attribute multiple Bulldozer modules -- containing those cores -- to the various products that are to be expected.

So if you're interested in any way in modern x86 and like us you think Sandy Bridge is decidedly yawn-worthy, get your brain around Bulldozer with RWT's in-depth analysis.
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