SIGGRAPH 2007: NVIDIA announce a 4 GPU Quadro Plex VCS

Wednesday 08th August 2007, 10:10:00 PM, written by Rys

NVIDIA launched a new Quadro Plex VCS 1000 yesterday at SIGGRAPH. The Model S4 is effectively just the Tesla S870 GPU Computing Server repurposed for Quadro-led apps.

NVIDIA attach 1.5GiB of VRAM to each of the four G80 GPUs in the Model S4, with all of the contained inside a 1U rack chassis with custom GPU cooling and power. Output from the system is via PCI Express Gen2, and NVIDIA target the product at users looking for offline accelerated rendering, or multi-user remote rendering, while still supporting the CUDA programming environment.

The S4 can be monitored remotely for power and heat, and NVIDIA hint that energy providers and scientific computing might be big customers, which is a somewhat mixed message given Tesla was aimed at those very same groups of users at the Tesla launch not long ago.

In its defence, the differences between the Quadro Plex VCS 1000 Model S4 and the Tesla S870 seem to be at the driver level at best, so the hardware similarities mean there might be some crossover depending on support and price.

NVIDIA are shipping the Model S4 in Q4 this year.

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