AMD Opteron 2P workstation marketshare in decline

Thursday 14th June 2007, 10:10:00 AM, written by Rys

Figures released by Jon Peddie Research for Q1 this year in the workstation market hold some surprises, not least that the share for 2P workstation by AMD Opteron has fallen to levels AMD last experienced back in Q3 and Q3 2005.

Opteron's performance since then in recent years has been excellent, AMD more than doubling their market share in the 2P workstation space at one point. With strong IPC/watt versus Xeon back in 2005/2006, and an industry-leading processor interconnect in HyperTransport, Opteron enjoyed healthy 2P growth, hitting just over 13% share according to JPR by the middle of 2006.

However Digitime's analysis of the numbers shows that Q2 ''06 marked the beginning of a 50% year-on-year decline, Intel's rejuvenated Xeon product line eating away at the share Opteron managed to grab for itself in the prior year.

The figures represent a reality that somewhat mirrors the desktop 1P space where Intel processor offering currently dominate, and where the market waits to see what AMD can deliver next. Barcelona is the product to replace Troy, the current 2P offering on 90nm SOI, which will deliver native quad-core and an L3 cache subsystem on 65nm SOI.

For AMD to do to their Opteron 2P workstation lineup what Intel have done with Xeon, Barcelona will have to compete heavily on price/IPC/watt. We wonder on the side if the current experience in the 2P space will be mirrored even further up the food chain, too, where Opteron enjoys very healthy market share in HPC with 4P and beyond.

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