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Diving into Anti-Aliasing

All your questions about the great nemesis of graphics, and some of its cures, answered in one fell swoop. Would you kindly jump right in?

NVIDIA releases 97.46 Vista Drivers

5th Jan 2007 @ 12:12:00 - written by Arun  
NVIDIA has just released the (non-G80) 97.46 driver set, for both Vista x86 and x64 (RTM/Build 6000 and above only). It's not exactly a fascinating release, but it's WHQL and does bring a couple of nice fixes related to video processing, (dual-)monitor configuration and the control…
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PCI-SIG updates PCI Express Integrators List

14th Dec 2006 @ 12:12:00 - written by Geo  
For the chicken-entrail stirring graphics geek, a new update of the PCI Express Integrators List is always appreciated. It's often the case that unannounced products get unmasked here as imminent before other places. We've noticed that the November 30th update is out, and as is often the case,…
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AMD reveals future plans and Fusion details

14th Dec 2006 @ 12:12:00 - written by Arun  
AMD had its analyst day just a few hours ago, with replay webcasts now available on their website. It's also full of rather shocking strategic details, and bullish in terms of financial data.…
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Intel's Larrabee Development Group surfaces again

8th Dec 2006 @ 15:11:00 - written by Geo  
After a raft of similar stories this past August, Intel's shadowy Larrabee Development Group (LDG)


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