SIGGRAPH 2007: Microsoft on D3D10 and D3D10.1

Thursday 09th August 2007, 09:09:00 AM, written by Rys

The DirectX Bad Boy, Sam Glassenberg, introduced D3D10.1 to the assembled 3D masses at SIGGRAPH yesterday, in a short but sweet portion of the D3D10 presentations now available for download from Microsoft.

With Microsoft the biggest presenter at SIGGRAPH this year due to sheer volume, picking through what they had to talk about was always going to be a challenge, but they've handily dropped all of the D3D10 presentations into one zip archive. I think that deserves some kind of devgeek adulation, so here's a w00t();


Grab the file from Microsoft Downloads.

As well as Sam's presentation on D3D10.1 which you'll probably be familiar with if you're resident on B3D shores, other Microsofties and MSFT friends dropped plenty of goodies too. Chuck Walbourn's presentation on D3D10 debugging is a highlight, discussing SDKDebugLayers (per-app invocation of the debug runtime, whee!), debug symbol storage, the debug info queue and a PIX use case (sadly not shown in the deck).

Crytek's Carsten Wenzel talked about getting the D3D10 renderer in CryEngine2 up and running, supporting D3D9 and D3D10 in the same binary, the CryEngine2 D3D10 shader and material system, CB usage (21GB of CB updates per frame in early experiments!), shader input signatures and plenty more.

The rest covers D3D10 setup basics, game use cases (Company of Heroes notably), performance optimisation, tools, shader specifics and HLSL. Please grab a copy, consume and discuss on the forums since we'll be talking to Microsoft soon about the contents. There's stuff in there for non-programmers too.

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