Our usual freaky leaving time was the same this year; 03.00 Saturday morning. With the Volvo S80 T6 we drove off to Hanover, Germany. The journey went pretty quickly, mainly due to the fact that I didn't drive slower than 180Km/hour. The mood was good joking and singing we arrived at 07.30 in Hanover. Of course we were way to early, as the show started at 09.00. Breakfast then....

As CeBit becomes larger each year and the really interesting stuff is being moved from hall to hall every year, we needed to search for the really cool stuff. I wanted to see MySQL and Apache, but the group wanted to see mobile phone etc.  first; however the biggest surprise on the mobile platform was not on the floor.... (I will tell you what it is, later on). We got lost in the so many halls and stuff that was displayed, I had to hurry to be on time for my meeting with David Harold (PowerVR) at 13.00 hours. When I got there, David Harold still was talking with a member of PowerVR Power (If I'm correct), I joined the interview as David explained it was busy. So, so long as I didn't mind, there were more than just me in the room. Of course no problem for me, to more the merry, right? The online community is a friendly one :)

I think the interesting part from my visit at CeBit are the interviews for you guys, so let's move on....

(The interview is more a report from the conversation we had with David, so the questions displayed here were in fact in a different order.)

Q: On the new product; what exactly changed from Kyro II to the Kyro IISE part?

A: Well, it's clocked at 200/200Mhz (core/memory), has EnT+L, AGP4X, Bump Map Complete and all the other features from the older part...

Q: The T+L engine, is it a software or hardware T+L engine? As there is a lot of confusing online what it exactly is.

A: When you read the press release (which I wrote), you see a clear statement that it is a software T+L engine:

'...EnT&L driver technology, which unites the advanced features of Kyro II SE with transform and lighting to provide superior performance to cost comparable solutions. enT&L is optimized for Kyro II SE AGP 4X SBA operation and Implicit Guard Band Clipping.'

However if you play a game or use a benchmark, the application will see the card as an hardware T+L capable card.

Q: So, as this T+L engine is a driver solution, will it work on the Kyro I and II?

A: No it will not work on the older Kyro I or II cards, only on the II SE.