Q: Hercules already announced the 3Dprophet 4800 SE, are other companies going to sell the card as well?

A: Well, if you look at the past period, Hercules is the biggest seller of Kyro based cards. They are selling so much more than others and as ST Microelectronics' is in the middle of selling their graphics department I think ST will give Hercules priority one. Any other company who wants to sell Kyro II SE based cards should be possible, as long as the order is small. Otherwise they will get a 'No-no' from ST, I think.

Q: I suspect the Kyro II SE uses SDRAM, any plans for DDRAM?

A: DDRAM will be included in our upcoming products

Q: Speaking of upcoming products, how far in development is Series 4?

A: Well in fact series 4 is done, ready to be produced! However, you know the situation around ST. We need to wait until ST makes a deal, or not. When they can make a deal, we can start producing Series 4. If they cannot sell their graphics department, we have another issue. And maybe we are going to work with others. But this is all speculation, as I don't know how far ST is in their deals. You just have to wait and see what is going to happen.

Editor's note - we all know there are rumors of Via buying ST's graphics division. How far the deal is, nobody knows. But here are some links to all the rumors (and there ARE rumors, till either Via or ST has made announcements, they stay rumors):

Q: What kind of performance can we expect of Series 4? High end or Midrange?

A: The performance is actually in the high end section. However, the longer the situation around ST keeps going on, we have to wait until the new part can be shipped. So if we would ship the product now, the card is really a high end part, but if we have to wait another 3 months we are back in the mid-end.

Q: We now see 3Dgraphics companies moving into other segments of the market. nVIDIA with nForce, ATi is also doing north/south bridges for motherboards, how about PowerVR?

A: Well we are looking into other directions, in a minute or so I will show you PowerVR MBX. We also are looking at notebooks and integrated motherboard solutions.

Editor's note: I wonder with who PowerVR is looking into the motherboard market :)

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