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From Advanced Lighting Techniques to Multi-GPU Scalable Final-Frame Rendering, NVIDIA Delivers on Performance

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New rendering features in NVIDIA Gelato 2.2 software are highlighted in NVIDIA's first animated short film "The Plush Life."

SAN DIEGO, CA—SIGGRAPH 2007—August 7, 2007— Rendering is the cornerstone of 3D creativity and the most performance-driven task in the production pipeline. From animation and visual effects to automotive and architectural design, the fastest way to streamline creative workflow is accelerate rendering to interactive speeds without sacrificing image quality. NVIDIA Corporation (Nasdaq: NVDA) has taken a major step forward in this regard by demonstrating its next-generation, near-real-time, high-quality rendering product with performance improvements capable of re-lighting 60 frames of a complex scene in 60 seconds. 1 Along with a new release of NVIDIA® Gelato® GPU-accelerated software renderer and the announcement of the NVIDIA Quadro® Plex Visual Computing System (VCS) Model S4 1U graphics server, this advanced technology demonstration shows NVIDIA’s continued technical leadership in the field of high-quality rendering.

A fast, interactive workflow for rapidly making changes to 3D visual effects and animation has been a holy grail of rendering. Adding high-quality frames, like those used in film and other applications where visual quality is paramount, have been slow to be integrated into an interactive workflow because they just take too long to render.

But no more. NVIDIA is previewing a new technology at the SIGGRAPH 2007 conference that will be part of its next-generation renderer, harnessing the full power of the NVIDIA GPU to bring a truly interactive workflow to relighting high-quality scenes in about a second. And, it can also be used for high-speed final renders of broadcast-quality frames. Running on the latest NVIDIA GPU architecture, this technology can achieve rendering performance improvements of more than 100 times that of traditional software rendering solutions.1 By using the GPU to enhance rendering CPU-based performance, professional quality, interactive final-frame rendering and interactive relighting is now possible—accelerating production workflow, improving review and approval cycles, and reducing overall production schedules.

NVIDIA is also showing off its new NVIDIA Gelato 2.2 rendering software release, available now, which offers substantial performance improvements and many new features, such as faster raytraced reflections, more accurate subsurface scattering, enhanced texture conversion and improved support for the Autodesk® Maya® Hair feature. Gelato 2.2 rendering software also offers features such as an improved user interface and data exporting functionality along with enhanced Maya batch rendering. Gelato is well-suited for 3D software applications, including Autodesk Maya and Autodesk 3ds Max®, which require high-quality rendering for animation, game development, CAD, industrial design, and architecture.

Also at SIGGRAPH 2007, NVIDIA is announcing its new 1U GPU server product, the Quadro Plex Visual Computing System (VCS) Model S4. With four Quadro FX 5600 GPUs packed into a 1U housing, it is easier than ever to get the graphics processors needed to render with Gelato into your render farm.

The Plush Life, a new animated 3D short film by the NVIDIA Digital Film Group, showcases many of the advanced rendering features of Gelato 2.2, emphasizing the latest hair and velvet shader technology and impressive image quality that can be achieved with Gelato software. View The Plush Life at

Basic Gelato 2.2 is available now as a free Internet download at Gelato Pro 2.2, priced at $1500, offers advanced rendering features and greater scalability for professional production pipelines. Volume pricing and educational discounts on Gelato Pro 2.2 are available.

Gelato 2.2 and Gelato Pro 2.2 currently support the Windows XP and Linux operating systems running on NVIDIA Geforce 5200 graphics or higher and Quadro professional graphics solutions. Gelato Pro is certified and supported on NVIDIA Quadro solutions only.

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1 Performance benchmarking compiled on a workstation configured with NVIDIA Quadro 4600 graphics, dual AMD Opteron 2.2 GHz processors, 2GB of CPU RAM. Tests conducted with Gelato 2.2 and latest beta version. Based on comparable relighting of the example scene showed beta version performance to be 150X faster.


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