Fonix VoiceIn Available for Nintendo Developers

Story by Farid - Tuesday 26th June 2007, 12:12:00 AM

Fonix Joins Nintendo’s Wii™ Third Party Tools Program to offer voice recognition to game developers

SALT LAKE CITY, UT (June 25, 2007) Fonix Speech, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Fonix Corporation (OTC BB: FNIX) specializing in embedded speech interfaces for mobile devices, handheld electronic products, video game systems and processors, has concluded license agreements to join Nintendo’s Wii™ Third Party Tools Program to enable game developers to integrate Fonix VoiceIn® Game Edition and Fonix VoiceIn Karaoke Edition voice recognition technologies into game titles for Wii. Fonix VoiceIn for Wii is available directly from Fonix.

“Offering VoiceIn to Wii developers represents the latest coup for Fonix in our quest to be the number one supplier of speech technologies to the gaming industry,” says Tim K. Hong, VP, Fonix Games. “Fonix technology nicely complements Nintendo’s philosophy of fun combined with innovation. Now Wii title developers can add Fonix’s award-winning voice recognition to their games. VoiceIn allows for new and interesting player interfaces via voice commands, while VoiceIn Karaoke makes it possible to increase the accuracy and quality of karaoke games.”
Fonix VoiceIn allows developers to implement voice commands into game play, resulting in more realistic, exciting experiences for players. VoiceIn is designed specifically with minimal memory and processing requirements and is available in multiple languages.

VoiceIn Karaoke Edition is specialized VoiceIn voice recognition technology for the karaoke genre that reports on the timing, pitch and accuracy of the karaoke singer’s voice.
For more information about Fonix VoiceIn for Wii, call 801-553-6600 and say “games.”

About Fonix VoiceIn® Game Edition
Fonix VoiceIn allows game developers to add voice recognition to video games without needing to develop specific speech technology expertise. Fonix’s simple, cross platform tools for Nintendo Wii™, Xbox®, Xbox® 360, “PlayStation®2”, “PlayStation®3” and PC game consoles make it easy for any game developer to implement the technology. The result is an interesting new game interface on the cutting-edge of innovation. Fonix VoiceIn is available in multiple languages, including English and UK English, German, French, Spanish, Japanese, Italian and Korean.
About FonixFonix Corporation (OTC BB: FNIX), based in Salt Lake City, Utah, is an innovative speech recognition and text-to-speech technology company that provides value-added speech solutions through its wholly owned subsidiary, Fonix Speech, Inc., currently offering voice solutions for mobile/wireless devices; interactive video games, toys and appliances; computer telephony systems; the assistive market and automotive telematics. Fonix provides developers and manufacturers with cost-effective speech solutions to enhance devices and systems. Visit for more information, or call (801) 553-6600 and say “Sales.”


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