Scaleform GFx for “PLAYSTATION®3” and “PSP® (Playstation®Portable)” is now available

Story by Farid - Friday 20th April 2007, 03:03:00 PM


Scaleform becomes a worldwide tools and middleware provider for "PLAYSTATION®3" and "PSP®"

Greenbelt, MD, April 19, 2007: Scaleform Corporation, the leader in hardware-accelerated user interface (UI) and scalable vector graphics engines for games, announced today that Scaleform GFx™ SDK tools and middleware have been released for "PLAYSTATION®3"(PS3™) and "PSP®(PlayStation®Portable)".
Scaleform GFx delivers a high-performance rich media vector graphics engine that leverages the power of the RSXâ„¢, a graphics chip co-developed by NVIDIA Corporation and Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. (SCEI) for "PS3".

Game development artists have made a significant commitment to industry-standard visual tools like Adobe's Flashâ„¢ Studio to create advanced HUDs and animating textures. Using Scaleform GFx with the RSXâ„¢ chip, artists will be able to rapidly create and deploy compelling and immersive user interface content. Scaleform GFx will enable game developers to move from a programmer-centric static UI development environment to an artist-driven dynamic UI and animated texture production pipeline.

"We are excited to provide the Scaleform GFx SDK for user interface development on "PS3" and "PSP®," said Brendan Iribe, President and CEO of Scaleform. "The Scaleform GFx architecture delivers on SCEI's vision for cinematic rich media on the RSX™-based computer entertainment system. Using Scaleform GFx on "PS3", developers can have the best of both worlds: artist-driven content created in Flash and hardware-accelerated high performance vector graphics delivered via RSX™."

The Scaleform GFx SDK is a light-weight high-performance rich media vector graphics engine for computer entertainment system and PC game developers, combining the scalability and development ease of proven visual authoring tools such as Flash Studio, with the latest hardware graphics acceleration that cutting-edge game developers demand.

The Scaleform GFx rich media platform is built on the Scaleform VGxâ„¢ hardware accelerated vector graphics technology, which tessellates vector graphic shapes into triangles that modern 3D video cards can render. By converting the data into triangles, Scaleform VGx can output vector graphics many times faster than traditional software rasterizers, allowing it to be used within high-performance full-screen multimedia environments.

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