Sony Creates 'x.v.Color' to Highlight xvYCC Compliance

Saturday 06th January 2007, 12:12:00 PM, written by TeamB3D

Sony announced yesterday the creation of 'x.v.Color,' a branding methodology with associated logo whose purpose is to provide consumers with a simplified means of identifying xvYCC-compliant displays in anticipation of retail availability later this year.

Featured by Sony in a technology demonstration at last year's Consumer Electronics Show, xvYCC is a colorspace standard that allows for the display of roughly 1.8 times the color range allowed by present industry standards (ie RGB). In conjunction with the expanded bit-depths permitted through 'Deep Color,' compliant devices outputting via HDMI 1.3 to compatible 'x.v.Color' displays will be capable of putting on screen nearly every color found in nature that is visible to the human eye.

Originally proposed by Mitsubishi and Sony through the Japan Electronics and Information Technology Industries Association as a new standard for the consumer electronics industry, xvYCC was approved as an official international standard by the International Electrotechnical Commission early last year. Mitsubishi and Sony are presently also the manufacturers considered most likely to release xvYCC-compliant displays in 2007; Mitsubishi through retail sets utilizing their laser-DLP technology, and Sony through LCD.

Presently, Sony's Playstation 3 is the only consumer device on the market supporting HDMI 1.3 and capable of outputting a 'Deep Color' image. Presumably, the Playstation 3 could also gain xvYCC colorspace output via a future firmware update, similar to the recent YCrBr output enabled on the console by SCEI.


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