Unreal Tournament 3 System Requirements

Wednesday 03rd October 2007, 08:08:00 PM, written by Richard Connery

Epic has announced the minimum and recommended system requirements for the PC version of Unreal Tournament 3. From the early days when Epic first showed the Unreal Engine 3 Tim Sweeney had always maintained that the game would run on SM 2.0 cards. We've come a long way but this has remained true.

Minimum System Requirements

Windows XP SP2 or Windows Vista
2.0+ GHZ Single Core Processor
512 Mbytes of System RAM
NVIDIA 6200+ or ATI Radeon 9600+ Video Card
8 GB of Free Hard Drive Space

Recommended System Requirements

2.4+ GHZ Dual Core Processor
1 GBytes of System RAM
NVIDIA 7800GTX+ or ATI x1300+ Video Card

Unreal Tournament 3 is on track to be released this November. The PS3 version is less certain, while Epic hopes to have that version out by the year's end they've cautioned that it may slip into early 2008. There is a Xbox 360 version announced but it will arrive later than the PS3 version.

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