EU investigating Blu-ray Disc Association business practices

Friday 06th July 2007, 12:40:00 AM, written by Carl Bender

An article in the Wall Street Journal this past Tuesday shone a light upon the ongoing investigation by the European Union's antitrust regulators into the business practices of both the Blu-ray Disc Association and the HD DVD Promotion Group.

Presently enjoying greater sales than rival HD DVD, as well more support from both Hollywood and the consumer electronics industry, Blu-ray has increasingly become the focus of the investigation that began nearly a year ago; an investigation whose primary purpose is to determine whether or not improper suppression tactics on the part of both sides were used to create the present divides of studio exclusivity. The Wall Street Journal reports sources familiar with the matter indicate the shift to Blu-ray is due in part to both its larger exclusive industry backing, as well a lobbying effort undertaken by the HD DVD Promotion Group. HD DVD's hope in this situation is that fear of a negative ruling may entice presently Blu-ray exclusive studios (Disney, Fox, MGM, and Sony/Columbia) to begin releasing on both formats, thus negating one of Blu-ray's perceived advantages in the format war.
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