Toshiba announces upcoming support for 24p output in HD DVD standalones

Friday 29th June 2007, 03:03:00 PM, written by Carl Bender

Toshiba, primary backer of the HD DVD high-definition optical format, has announced that in September they will be bringing native output support for 24p (1080p@24fps) to several models in their range of HD DVD players via firmware update. A feature long desired by videophiles and fans of the format, such a move will allow the Toshiba HD-XA2 and HD-A20 to output film-based content at the native 24 frames-per-second of the source material.

Although the perceived detrimental effects of 3:2 pulldown - known as judder - have been a contentious topic in certain AV circles for some time, the CE industry has increasingly been moving towards support for native film frame-rates in high-end equipment. In conjunction with a player capable of 24p output, an HDTV (and potentially receiver) capable of accepting - and displaying - such a signal is also required, or else it will undergo 3:2 pulldown regardless of the players ability to output.

At the time of this writing several competing Blu-ray players - including Sony's Playstation 3 - support 24p output as well. The HD DVD add-on for the XBox 360 and the Toshiba HD-A2, to date comprising the most prolific HD DVD players on the market, were not mentioned in the release.

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