ATI's Developer Relations team recently sent an open invitation out to games developers, asking if they'd like to attend the ATI Developer Day at the Develop Conference in Brighton, UK.

Beyond3D made the trip down to Brighton seafront on a gloriously sunny day to take in the last day of Develop. What follows is a summary piece based on our notes from the D3D10 sessions, chats with various game devs, ATI devrel staff and Intel guys, who were all there to either learn or evangelise about D3D10, XBox 360 and multi-threaded game development.

Many thanks to Nick Thibieroz and Richard Huddy at ATI devrel for letting us attend at somewhat short notice, and for letting us cover the talks as press, to give you insight into what ATI and Intel are doing to educate developers on the next generation of game and 3D graphics technologies.

Game developers are starting to take the baby steps toward developing in earnest for D3D10 on Windows Vista, and they're forcibly getting to grips with multi-core CPUs, both on PC and console. That's what ATI's Developer Day focussed on. Here's the abridged version of the day's D3D10 events.

Beware that the article largely assumes you know a bit about programming a D3D9 chip, or have maybe started playing with D3D10 already. In that sense it's a piece for the developers out there, but there should be something for everyone if you're up for the read.