To quote Jon Peddie Research (JPR) directly, they're a technically oriented marketing, research, and management consulting firm.  You'll maybe have seen us comment on their public market and industy analysis pieces now and again, or you might even be a subscriber to their TechWatch or MarketWatch offerings.  Regardless, JPR are arguably the leading analysts of the graphics market today, so we're partnering with Dr. Jon and his team to bring you free and exclusive content from their stable of staff analysts, editors and even Jon himself.

Via the JPR mini portal at B3D, always available at you'll see nothing but their content to let you hone in on what they've got for us exclusively, and you'll also see our analysis of their analysis from time to time, as we take a look at what's they've got to say about the graphics industry and related fields.

So keep checking the portal to see what's going on with JPR @ Beyond3D, and we'll let you know about new content via the frontpage too, just in case you miss it.