From our extensive list of questioned, two armor clad warriors stood above all others on the first round and rushed to provide their answers. Considering these fine gentlemen are, before all else, tech-focused geeks, note that the armour is actually a t-shirt. Also, their battle is with our nagging questions, and not with each other...although it is rumoured that their discussions about OpenCL can grow quite heated!

Before introducing them we want to make it clear that neither is talking for their respective employer. If anyone is curious about the employer's official, company-wide stance we warmly recommend contacting the PR department of either company.

In the red-and-white corner, having honed his skills jousting in the folding arena, we have Mister Mike Houston. Mister Houston is an AMD Fellow Architect working on current and next generation compute hardware and software. We can also fondly remember him coercing GPUs into somewhat general programmability using OpenGL in angry contortions.

In the blue-and-white conspicuously shadowed corner we find none other than the Lord of Shadowy Deferredness himself, Mister Andrew Lauritzen. Currently, Mister Lauritzen is a software engineer part of the Advanced Rendering Technology group at Intel, which basically means he gets to spend most of his time blissfully researching and being trolled for his liking of C++. Of course, what he is actually doing is figuring out how to finally bind the world into shadow through compute mastery.

We have heroes, we have a setting, all that we asĀ  DM (Dorky Mammals) have left to do is vaguely detail the quest at hand - so what in the world did we ask? Well, the questions themselves you'll see on their very own pages, but from a bird's eye view we'll share that we tried to span the entire continuity between the past and the future, with an eye on how / when the wheel of reincarnation turns, and what it may bring with it as it does.

We'd like to extend our gratitude to both of the fine gentlemen above, for having invested a reasonable amount of time in providing truly fleshed out and clever answers. And now the fun may well start!