It's been a good while since Beyond3D last tried its hand at graphics AIB analysis, so to shake off the cobwebs and get our collective asses back in the saddle, we pestered Galaxy for one of their customised GeForce 8600 boards when G84 launched. Galaxy are famous for switching things up a bit when it comes to their graphics board offerings, doing away with reference coolers and clocks most often, and they're not afraid to do a little custom PCB work when the SKU calls for it.

They might not have much of a sales presence in Europe or the U.S., but Galaxy, operating out of Hong Kong, are one of the more innovative that NVIDIA have in terms of board partners that do something a bit different from the norm.

GeForce 8600 GE isn't on any official NVIDIA product list, but Galaxy use the GE moniker in this case to slide a SKU into the fairly big theoretical gap that appears between 8600 GT and 8600 GTS. It's hard to nail down the exact spec. and frequencies for the GE if you poke Galaxy's website, so let's explain just what's going on.