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Story by Rys - Friday 24th August 2007, 11:11:00 PM

Today's world-class game developers, such as Bioware, 2K Australia and Firaxis, are looking forward to using the new DirectX(r) 10-supported development tools by AMD to make their game-building experience easier and more productive. With such a strong dedication in providing the best in tools and support, AMD is now taking the next step in becoming a leader for DirectX 10 game development with GPU PerfStudio 1.1, GPU ShaderAnalyzer 1.3 and The Compressonator 1.40. AMD's developer tools, now supporting the ATI Radeon(tm) 2000 Series, allow for automated bottleneck analysis and the interactive tuning of shaders, resulting in real-time performance improvements and greater shader accuracy. GPU ShaderAnalyzer 1.3 and The Compressonator 1.40 are available now on, with GPU PerfStudio 1.1 to follow soon.

Some of the new features include:

GPU PerfStudio: With new support for DirectX 10, Windows Vista(tm) and the ATI Radeon 2000 series, this performance analysis tool is designed to boost performance with automated bottleneck analysis and real-time interactive data visualization. Data presentation is improved with cell formatting, custom filters, and selectable UI anti-aliasing. Other enhancements include separate rendertarget and backbuffer state overrides.

GPU ShaderAnalyzer: With new support for both DirectX 10 and Open GL shaders, this shader analysis tool provides accurate performance estimates for shaders and now enables developers to calculate shader throughput and shader performance bottlenecks. This version also adds support for the ATI Radeon 2000 series and the ability to which ATI Catalyst(tm) driver to use for analysis.

The Compressonator: This market-leading texture-compression tool extends its feature set with support of D3D10 texture formats and D3D10 texture compression.

The below testimonials provide a sneak peek into what Bioware, 2K Australia and Firaxis are saying about these tools:

"Given the challenge of creating world class games, we are always looking for better ways of delivering incredible experiences to our players. With AMD's specialized DirectX(r) 9 based tools and the phenomenal support, we are able to get the level of performance that our fans expect. With the introduction of the DirectX(r) 10 version of GPU PerfStudio, we are looking forward to AMD's continued dedication to providing the best in tools and support."

Scott Greig - Senior Architect, Bioware Corp

"2K Australia is dedicated in providing deep RPG and strategy games to both the PC and next-generation console markets. With the introduction of GPU PerfStudio 1.1 and The Compressonator 1.40, we are delighted that AMD is meeting expectations in the game development community and empowering software developers to create such content-rich DirectX(r) 10 games in the future. The future just got better!"

Martin Slater - Lead Programmer, 2K Australia

"We have used AMD's DirectX(r) 9 based tools for quite some time, and received great results from them, including cracking hard-to-find performance problems. We are now looking forward to creating more blockbuster titles with the DirectX(r) 10 version of GPU PerfStudio and GPU ShaderAnalyzer. AMD is truly stepping up to the plate by creating next generation content that will enable us to produce more of what fans of Firaxis titles have come to expect."

Barry Caudill - Executive Producer, Firaxis Games

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