ImgTec celebrates PowerVR Insider program at SIGGRAPH

Story by Rys - Wednesday 08th August 2007, 12:12:00 PM


Imagination Technologies - the leader in mobile and embedded graphics technologies – is celebrating the outstanding success of PowerVR Insider, the market-leading technical support and co-marketing program, at SIGGRAPH 2007.

“PowerVR Insider has now grown to over 1600 members,” says Tony King-Smith, VP marketing, Imagination Technologies. “We’re thrilled that since its launch at Siggraph last year the PowerVR Insider website has become a focal point for the mobile and embedded 3D industry and an extensive dedicated online resource for PowerVR developers.”

See: to join.

The 6th issue of the PowerVR Insider newsletter – which features programming tips, news and market insight – is also available at the show.

Imagination Technologies has signed up as a Technology Partner of the International Mobile Gaming Awards (IMGA) 2007. PowerVR Insider will provide technical services to the games nominated in the ‘Excellence in 3D’ category, including membership of the PowerVR Insider program and access to tools, 3D hardware and advice from Imagination's 3D experts. The IMGA recognizes innovation and creativity in mobile entertainment worldwide.

PowerVR Insider will introduce the latest version of PVRShaman, the next generation integrated composition tool for shader-based graphics; the latest SDKs for PowerVR across all leading OS and API; and the PowerVR OpenGL ES 2.0 PC Emulation environment, designed to allow developers to begin next-gen development now.

The team will also show the first version of PVRTune, which combines a Performance Analysis Driver and remote analysis tool for Windows and Linux, collecting stats from a PowerVR SGX hardware system.

Inside PowerVR Insider

PowerVR Insider was established to encourage and promote excellence at all levels of the mobile graphics ecosystem, from silicon and middleware vendors to games and other graphics application developers.

Through the unique PowerVR Insider program Imagination Technologies can ensure developers at all levels get access to the best engineers in the industry, enabling them to achieve the highest performance, optimal image quality and maximum portability of game titles, and their interoperability with operating systems, middleware, APIs and drivers.

Registered PowerVR Insiders receive technical assistance from the largest and most experienced support team in mobile 3D. The PowerVR Developer Relations Team has over 10 years experience supporting developers and is fully dedicated to supporting the mobile and embedded markets.

PowerVR Insiders don’t just get access to the highest performance, most widely available gaming platform targeting the most content-capable new 3D handsets. They also get access to the industry leading SDK and dedicated Technical Support. The comprehensive PowerVR Insider SDK includes Tutorials, Source Code, Documentation, Extensions Specifications, Platform Abstraction Framework and a powerful and extensive Tools Library.


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