JoWooD Productions Expands Product Portfolio To Current-Gen Consoles

Story by Farid - Friday 27th April 2007, 04:04:00 AM

Liezen, Austria, April 26th 2007; JoWooD Productions Software AG decided to take the next step and advance to the current generation of consoles. JoWooD intends to publish the group’s most successful brands on new platforms.

Due to the Dreamcatcher buyout, the Austrian Publisher has many brands at hand for expansion on to the “new” current generation of consoles (Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii and PlayStation 3). After the great worldwide success of our products Gothic, SpellForce, Painkiller and Dungeon Lords it’s a pleasure for JoWooD to release further content on current-gen systems. JoWooD is convinced of its ability to successfully position the new games in the console market. The Console-market is one of the fastest growing segments of the entertainment industry with approximately 11 million units of Xbox 360 and 3,5 millions of the PS3 sold so far.

JoWooD already started to negotiate with development studios and scheduled the first releases at the end of 2008, beginning of 2009.

About JoWooD Productions Software AG
JoWooD Productions Software AG (ATXPrime: JWD) is listed in the Prime Market segment of the Vienna stock exchange. JoWooD is a leading publisher of computer- and videogames, releasing international acclaimed, high-qualitiy titles for all existing and future gaming systems. The JoWooD games are distributed worldwide by an efficient net of distribution partners. For more information, visit


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