TransGaming Announces New SwiftShader 2.0 Release

Story by Arun - Thursday 03rd April 2008, 01:45:00 PM

Advanced Software Graphics Technology

Toronto, Canada . April 2, 2008 - TransGaming Inc. (TSX-V: TNG), a leading developer of portability and graphics technologies for the electronic entertainment industry, has released SwiftShader™ 2.0, an updated 3D rendering system that runs entirely in software. This new release significantly advances the feature-set from previous versions, delivering support for advanced graphics such as Shader Model 2.0, floating point rendering, and improved DirectX® 9 compatibility. SwiftShader 2.0 also makes full use of multi-core CPUs, providing a significant increase in performance. SwiftShader provides an ideal platform for software developers who need access to advanced 3D graphics capabilities in situations where a hardware accelerator is not available, or does not have the required capabilities.

As the lines blur between massive multi-core CPUs and the traditional concept of the GPU, mixed hardware and software 3D rendering is being heavily explored by industry giants in both the general computing and graphics worlds. Over the last several years, the graphics industry has been moving to provide developers with progressively more programmability, and advanced software rendering is a natural progression of that trend. With SwiftShader 2.0, TransGaming puts itself at the forefront of advanced research and development for these types of next generation systems, while simultaneously serving the needs of casual game developers and others requiring software graphics solutions today," commented Gavriel State, Founder and CTO of TransGaming.

SwiftShader 2.0 offers developers a drop-in solution, allowing software written for DirectX® to use software rendering with no changes to the source code. The new release also includes a web-based configuration system that allows developers to easily experiment with a variety of performance and quality settings.

SwiftShader "Broadens the Playing Field" by aiding developers who are looking to expand their reach to a broader array of desktop systems, allowing games, applications and other consumer software to derive greater returns, while still providing high quality graphics. SwiftShader is ideally suited for casual game development, and for applications that involve 3D rendering within virtualized environments or for server-side software.

TransGaming is making a public demo of SwiftShader 2.0 available immediately, and has already signed on a select group of partners. Companies interested in the SwiftShader 2.0 release should visit and download the demo version or contact TransGaming directly via email at for all product related inquiries.

DirectX® is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and other countries.

About TransGaming Technologies

TransGaming Inc. (TSX-V: TNG), is a leader in the development of unique software portability products that facilitate the deployment of games across multiple platforms. TransGaming's portability technologies significantly reduce the time-to-market for and costs associated with multi-platform game releases. TransGaming is a member of the Khronos Group (, and works with many of the industry's leading developers and publishers to enable their games on the Mac and Linux systems, and currently markets its products under four brand names: Cider™ (Mac), Cedega™ (Linux), SwiftShader™ (Graphics), and (Retail). TransGaming is headquartered in Toronto, Canada and maintains a research and development centre in Ottawa, Canada. To learn more about TransGaming's products visit


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