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@Silent, dobwal and baby...

No! What I’m saying is that Sony provided over 1 Million units for the US/Canada launch alone (which sold out within 24hrs), and provided another million units worldwide for the EU and other territories during November. Thus, indicating 900k (possibly, 1 Million) units are being produced a month. If, September was the start of the PS4 production, then it would make sense that between September and the end of October, Sony would have amassed a total over 1.8-2 million units during that period. I’m not saying Sony stockpiled 2 million units in warehousing… but in its totality during this period. Thus, leaving November production (producing) thousands of units to fill in the gaps in-between all territories (if that is the case).

If the production numbers hold true, at a 900k-1 million a month, starting in September. That would mean Sony could/should produce 3.6 million units on the low-end and possibly 4 million on the high-end (between September and December). Realistically, I’m more inclined to believe 3.1-3.4 million units being built during that period. So, in theory Sony can say they sold 3.1-3.4 million units worldwide in 2013, and meeting its 5 million units sold goal in mid-March.

I’m sorry I wasn’t clear enough. They sold 700k across the EU and another 400k between the other territories (including the US) during the launch period up to Sony announcement of selling more than 2.1 million systems worldwide.


@everyone else

I can happily report that 456k PS4 units were sold between GameStop and BestBuy during the launch period, and 232k XB1 units during its launch period (North America Sales Only). Please remember, I do not have any sales figures for Amazon, Wal-Mart, Meijer’s, Costco’s, SAMs Club, New Egg, Tiger Direct, Kmart, Sears, or any other retailer/e-retailer. These are only GameStop and BestBuy figures.

Side Note 1: XB1 did beat out PS4 during Black Friday sales between GameStop and BestBuy (other retailers/e-retailers probably the same). Most GS\BB stores were carrying 7-13 PS4s compared to 17-22 XB1 per store during the Black Friday sales.

Side Note 2: Currently, GameStop has over 1.8 million PS4 customer waits/notify in the system and a little over 400k waits/notify for XB1.

Side Note 3: GameStop was the largest provider of PS4 units during its launch. Amazon is rumored "amongst retail" to carried more XB1 units, than any other retailer/e-retailer.

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