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No I'm not Mark - nor a Epic developer. Ask yourself this? Would it be far fetch for a school teacher to know her City Councilmen/woman? Would it be far fetch for a City Councilmen/woman to know a State Senator? Would it be far fetch for a Police Officer to know an FBI agent? Would it be far fetch for an FBI agent to know a CIA agent? In other words, I don't have to be in the actual hen house to know what's going on. Let's just say I'm into hardware technology.

Anyhow, I've been lurking around Beyond3D for years, never cared to register until recently. I'm not here to fuel any one side (PC Vs. PS3 Vs. Xbox or Intel Vs. AMD Vs. Nvidia). I'm here to offer additional information... be it firsthand or secondhand. Sometimes I will have to be vague about things - just because I'm not stupid. Additionally, I will never belittle anyone here, not my thing. I've seen over the years, people (respectful people of the industry), lose their calm over internet nonsense. Taking pictures of pistol's in their hand's and threatening other board members.

Back on topic. I stand by all my comments ...that's all I can say.
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